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About Indy CD & Vinyl


Indy CD & Vinyl is Indiana's largest independent record store selling both new and used CDs and Vinyl. We are also a proud member of CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores). We are proud to be a locally-owned, female-owned, latin-owned, veteran-owned store that supports local charities, local music, local arts & culture, local families, and we work hard to make our shop a safe place where all are welcome!

Our History

Originally established in Salt Lake City in 1993 by Rick Zeigler, we migrated to Indianapolis in 2001, picking up the whole brick and mortar and settling in the heart of the historic Broad Ripple, right on Broad Ripple Avenue. After owning the store for 20 years and making it the largest independent record store in Central Indiana, Rick sold the shop to long-time store manager Annie Skinner and her husband Andy Skinner (check out their marketing and promotion company A-Squared Industries) in 2013.


Indy CD and Vinyl boasts the largest new & used vinyl selection in Central Indiana, so please come in and browse the titles we carry! We provide a varied and deep selection of rock from the '50s onward, indie rock, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, country and alt-country, avant garde, reggae, folk, world, soundtracks, classical, gospel, blues, and spoken word.


Additionally we have a huge stock of hip-hop, rock, electronic, and jazz LPs, both new and used. We sell turntables! We sell needles, Serato control records, turntable accessories and music cleaners! We have a variety of speakers, turntable packages, and unique retail items. We also have a humongous selection of music DVDs. 


Come visit the store! Let our knowledgable and handsome staff assist you in a quality music experience. See for yourself why Indy CD & Vinyl is voted the Best Record Store in Indy year after year after year by the people of Central Indiana!


If you are interested in selling your music, WE BUY VINYL! If you are in a local, regional, or national band we would love to carry your music. Direct us to your distributor, or bring in your music and we will happily sell it on consignment.


For questions about purchasing your vinyl collection, please call the store and ask for one of our buyers at 317-259-1012 or email us at or simply click HERE.


The Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) is a collective of 40 independently owned record stores in 25 states throughout the country. CIMS was the first record store coalition -- founded in 1995. We are co-founding members of Record Store Day  and long time members of the Music Business Association (formerly NARM). We are also the owners of the independent distribution company, ThinkIndie  that we founded in 2002. We are not a chain, but a coalition of locally owned record stores working together for the betterment and support of each other, our industry, the artists we love and the music fans that make this all possible. CIMS works on behalf of our member stores to broker marketing campaigns. We are the liaison between each individual independent store and the artist’s record label. CIMS offers a diverse selection of music marketing programs to promote a variety of artists. We pride ourselves on creative marketing strategies that are based on years of proven results combined with new media technologies. We offer marketing promotions to fit every budget and every artist, but if by some chance we do not have one that fits your needs, we are always up for the challenge to develop a custom designed promotion just for you.

The stores that make up CIMS are all very different, but we share the same desire – to be the heart of our communities, to super-serve our customers and to share our love of music. Our stores are found in major cities, college towns, bustling suburbs and tourist meccas. We range from massive storefronts to hidden neighborhood gems – we can guarantee that no two are alike. You will find deep catalog, rare imports and the broadest music selection available in our stores – we pride ourselves on that.  Many of our stores even carry audio equipment (turntables, speakers, headphones, etc.), music and feature film DVDs, and music paraphernalia such as t-shirts, posters, figurines, and the like. The stores that make up our coalition are consistently honored in “Best Of” record store lists by national publications such as Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine,, USA Today, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


What does CIMS do? CIMS is a network of stores that provide labels with a cohesive national marketing effort for their developing and established bands. So, instead of having to make 29 separate phone calls to set up promotions at key indie stores across the nation, a label may contact the CIMS office to coordinate their efforts. Whether it be an advertising program, an instore positioning or Adopt program, listening booth, or even a custom-made promotion for an artist, CIMS helps labels break through the clutter for their artists to be recognized by the early adopter music fans that constantly seek the best in new music.


Who are the members? Members include a list of stores that have been recognized over the years for their contributions to their individual communities, as well as their participation in the music industry at large. Most report to Soundscan, and almost all buy direct from the labels. Most lean heavily towards “alternative” music, but everyone sells certain types of music better than others, whether it be folk, rap, urban, techno, jazz, classical, punk, etc.


What does this mean to you? This means that Indy CD & Vinyl has set itself up to be your favorite independent music store for years to come! In an era where music stores are a dying breed, by joining CIMS we are now part of a strong coalition of stores and labels that guarantee our future here in Indy! Also, we have more listening stations, more exclusive releases, more stock and more opportunities for you to get rare goodies from your favorite artists and musicians. Come in the store and see all the new changes!

Indy CD & Vinyl is a member of CIMS, the Coalition of Independent Record Stores.
Indy CD & Vinyl has won many Reader's CHoice Awards for Best Record Store.
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