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Record Store Day 2023 is April 22nd, 2023

It's the 2023 Edition of RECORD STORE DAY at Indy CD & Vinyl!

- We will be open from 8am-8pm on Saturday, April 22nd.
RSD titles will be sold inside our shop beginning at 8am, and we will be carrying all the limited edition and exclusive #RSD records! As always, Indy CD & Vinyl orders all the titles, and we order heavily so hopefully none of you don't miss out on what you want.

- We will allow a few people at a time into the shop so everyone can get a chance to check out all the goods - everything will be alphabetized in the front of the shop. Once a shopper gets beyond the RSD stuff they are free to hang out and browse and shop as long as they please.

- Goodie bags and door prizes will be handed out to the first 50 people in line! There will be a scavenger hunt for a free $100 shop gift card!

- The RSD List is available for download on the recordstoreday dot com website - so print it out and check off the titles on your #RSD 2023 wishlist, then bring it to the shop on Record Store Day!

- You cannot pre-order or have RSD items placed on hold, as this violates the pledge we have signed with RSD, so please don't ask. Your BEST CHANCE to get the limited records is to arrive early in person. If you line up really early and it is really cold we will supply an outdoor heater for you!

- You can buy as much of your list as you want with the product we have, but only one copy of any title per person! We will continue to update those in line with items that have sold out. Again, you cannot pre-order or have #RSD items placed on hold, as this violates the pledge we have signed with RSD, so please don't ask. Please do not call the shop as we will not be selling the records until 1pm, or when the line is done, whichever is later.

- We will begin to take phone orders officially at 1pm EST, as well as selling the items online beginning at 8am Sunday at our branded eBay store:

- Although we will begin phone orders at 1pm, be sure that priority is given to those in line, at the shop. RSD is dedicated to independent brick & mortar record stores and the products offered are designed to incentivize folks to go visit their local record store.

- Not done shopping? Hang around the store and shop the regular in-stock items like 'normal,' we are open until 8pm inside so come shop and support local!

- SWIFTIES: we ordered A LOT of the Taylor Swift record, so if you line up at our shop the odds are good you'll get one! Another awesome addition to the festivities here at Indy CD & Vinyl is every person who purchases the RSD Taylor Swift record will be entered to win an autographed Taylor Swift CD or one of the mega-rare Taylor Swift "The Lakes" 7" record! We will pick two winners completely at random the day after RSD, one for each of these items.

- USED LP collectors: we will be having the biggest drop of collectible used vinyl in the history of Indy CD & Vinyl on Record Store Day. Watch our socials leading up to the day of the event for a sneak peek. No joke, there is so much amazing vinyl dropping on RSD it is unbeleiveable - items none of us have ever seen before in all our years working in music. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you for supporting Indy CD & Vinyl! Questions? We're here to answer them.

Looking forward to seeing you on Record Store Day 2023!

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