Record Store Day 2021 is now two RSD DROPS!

Saturday June 12th, 2021 and Saturday July 17th, 2021

HERE IS WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU (watch this space for more info):

*Because of the ongoing pandemic, and the fact that we don't have a crystal ball, we've decided that it's in the best interest to hold two Record Store Day Drops dates this year, rather than return to having one big celebration. Those two RSD Drops dates will be June 12 and July 17. Other stores worldwide will have the same dates.

*RSD Drops are different than Record Store Day. Instead of releasing all titles on one day, instead of having a massive crowd of customers in the store at once for an extended period of time, instead of having a party with bands and food and beer and everything else that the previous Record Store Day events have been celebrated with (although that might still happen if Covid numbers are fantastic), we're staging a duo of RSD DROPS -- two dates, one in June and one in July on which titles will be released, with an emphasis on getting cool, desirable content into the shop. But not all at once, and not as part of a giant party. We're not calling this Record Store Day and we're not even referring to them as "events". They're Drops--a date when exciting fun pieces come out--only at your favorite indie record store! Like always, though, Indy CD & Vinyl will order every release and have lists available in advance (like a sushi menu) for you to bring to us on a drops date and we will sell you the items on your list if we still have them!

*RSD worked hard to split the List as equitably as possible across these two RSD Drops dates. The List is available HERE.

*No one can be sure what sort of government mandates or restrictions will be in place at any point in the future, what sort of "event" customers or staff will be in the mood for, so we're choosing to focus on the releases, and getting them into your hands! We're relying on everyone to be socially responsible when we are selling them-- THIS WILL NOT LOOK LIKE ANY PREVIOUS RECORD STORE DAYS and you'll have to help us educate all your friends on what to expect. Expect we will keep you safe, expect we will have all of the available releases, and expect to have fun!

Here are our current tentative plans for June 12th:

- We will be open from 10am-8pm on Saturday, June 12th.

RSD titles will be sold via our back door at 8am. The shop itself opens at 10am.

- The List is available inside our Indy CD & Vinyl Spinner newspaper at the store, it's like a sushi menu - so come in and grab a newspaper and check off the titles on your #RSD Drop 1 wishlist, then bring it to the shop on June 12th! 

- You cannot pre-order or have RSD items placed on hold, as this violates the pledge we have signed with RSD, so please don't ask. Your BEST CHANCE to get the limited records is to arrive early in person. Bring the list to our back door on #RSD and we will fill your order!

- When you arrive, you will be greeted at our back entrance by a masked member of our crew, who will show you where to queue until it's time to get your #RSD items. If you line up earlier than our staff arrives, our waiting area through the back lot and on the sidewalk will be clearly marked with socially-distanced spots for customers to stand 6 feet apart. Masks, hand sanitizer (provided) and all other pandemic shopping policies will be in place. Anyone who violates our policies will be subject to removal.

- The register will be at the back door to the shop, so if this is a rare venture outside your home during the pandemic be sure we will do everything to keep you safe, distanced, and not force you to enter the store, unless you want to at 10am.

- We will fill as much of your list as we can with the product we have! We will continue to update those in line with items that have sold out. Again, you cannot pre-order or have #RSD items placed on hold, as this violates the pledge we have signed with RSD, so please don't ask. Please do not call the shop as we will not be selling the records until 1pm, or when the line is done, whichever is later.

- We will begin to take phone orders officially at 1pm EST, as well as selling the items online at our branded eBay store:

- Priority is given to those in line, at the shop. RSD is dedicated to independent brick & mortar record stores and the products offered are designed to incentivize folks to go visit their local record store. 

- Not done shopping? Come on around to the front door and shop the regular in-stock items like 'normal,' albeit only 10 customers in the shop at a time, wearing masks. We will be open 10am-8pm inside so come shop and support local!

Thank you for supporting Indy CD & Vinyl! Questions? We're here to answer them.

Looking forward to seeing you on the RSD Drops dates!

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