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  • Andy Skinner

Aphex Twin announces new release: Pre-Order today from Indy CD & Vinyl

Richard D. James is back. The elusive, Irish-English electronic artist also known as Aphex Twin has shared — and then unshared, and then reshared — details of a a new EP that will be his first in five years, since 2018’s Collapse.

The new record is titled Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760, and the project is scheduled to be released on vinyl and CD on July 28th, from Warp Records. You can hear the newest Aphex Twin single, “Blackbox Life Recorder 21f,” on most major streaming services.

You can ensure you get your copy of the new LP or CD by pre-ordering through the Indy CD & Vinyl website HERE.

Check out the album artwork below and then Pre-order the new Aphex Twin LP from Indy CD & Vinyl:

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