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Bret Michaels Brings Celebratory Vibes To Indy With Parti-Gras Tour 2023

Fans of all ages gathered at the Ruoff Music Center in anticipation of the iconic Bret Michaels' and his PARTI-GRAS TOUR.

Brett Michaels Parti-Gras Tour at Ruoff Music Center

Jefferson Starship opened the show with “Find Your Way Back” and continued with an impressive back catalog of tunes from the 1980s, including hits like "Sara," "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," and "We Built This City." This supergroup's roots trace back to the iconic band Jefferson Airplane, one of the most influential pop-rock groups of all time. As a tribute to their entire evolution, the performance also featured favorite classics like "White Rabbit" and "Somebody To Love."

Jefferson Starship live at Ruoff Music Center
Jefferson Starship live at Ruoff Music Center

The “original-original member” David Freiberg, who has been a part of all iterations of the band - Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship/Jefferson Starship (again!) - commanded the stage with his extraordinary presence, giving a tremendous rendition of "Jane." Cathy Richardson took the place of the great Grace Slick as lead singer and delivered a stellar vocal performance. Purchase Jefferson Airplane-related music from Indy CD & Vinyl HERE.

The second band up, Night Ranger, consisted of Jack Blades (bass and vocals), Kelly Keagy (drums and vocals), Brad Gillis (lead and rhythm guitars), Eric Levy (keyboards), and Keri Kelli (lead and rhythm guitars), and joyfully celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band.

Night Ranger live at Ruoff Music Center
Night Ranger live at Ruoff Music Center

Blades and his fellow bandmates delivered an impressive setlist. Enthusiastic audiences were treated to a selection of Night Ranger's greatest hits, including "Night Ranger," "When You Close Your Eyes," "Sister Christian," and "Don't Tell Me You Love Me." Adding a special touch to the performance, the band even treated the crowd to a few songs from Damn Yankees, such as "Coming of Age" and "High Enough." The night was a fantastic tribute to Night Ranger's incredible four-decade journey, leaving fans delighted with unforgettable memories of their music. Purchase Night Ranger music from Indy CD & Vinyl HERE.

Adding to the night's nostalgia, former Journey frontman and singer Steve Augeri took the stage to belt out soul-stirring renditions of Journey classics like "Separate Ways," "Don't Stop Believin'," and "Any Way You Want It." Purchase music by Journey from Indy CD & Vinyl HERE.

Bret Michaels kicked off his part of the show with a high-energy performance of "Talk Dirty to Me." He wasted no time in engaging the audience, reminding us why he's a rock legend. The crowd sang along passionately, creating an infectious energy that spread throughout the venue.

One of the standout moments of the night was when Bret performed "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." As the timeless ballad filled the air, the venue lit up with cellphone lights, creating a magical atmosphere. The emotion in Bret's voice resonated with the audience, showcasing his ability to connect with his fans on a deep, personal level.

Michaels thrilled the crowd when he introduced his close friend Mark McGrath, the lead singer of the band Sugar Ray. McGrath's presence on stage was met with excitement, and he continued captivating the crowd with some a couple of his chart-topping hits, "Every Morning" and "Fly." McGrath's dynamic vocals and infectious energy filled the air, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained and engaged.

Mark McGrath & Brett Michaels live in Indy
Mark McGrath & Bret Michaels live in Indy

Michaels returned and got the crowd to light up the venue with their cell phones again to welcome a group of U.S. Military veterans onto the stage to honor all American veterans while he played “Something To Believe In."

Michaels’ explosive encore of "Nothin' But A Good Time" further ignited the crowd. He then closed the night by inviting all three bands to join him on stage for a spirited rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama," leaving the audience on an absolute high.

Brett Michaels and his band live at Ruoff Music Center
Bret Michaels and his band live at Ruoff Music Center

Bret Michaels continues to prove why he remains an enduring rock icon, delivering a show that will be remembered by fans for years to come. Purchase music by Bret Michaels and Poison HERE.

Ruoff Setlist 07-30-23 Bret Michaels: 1. Talk Dirty to Me (Poison song) 2. Ride the Wind (Poison song) Mark McGrath: 3. Every Morning (Sugar Ray cover) Bret Michaels: 4. Your Mama Don't Dance (Loggins & Messina cover) Steve Augeri: 5. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Journey cover) Bret Michaels: 6. Something to Believe In (Poison song)

Mark McGrath: 7. Fly (Sugar Ray cover) Bret Michaels: 8. Unskinny Bop (Poison song) Steve Augeri: 9. Don't Stop Believin' (Journey cover) 10. Any Way You Want It (Journey cover) Bret Michaels: 11. Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison song) 12. Nothin' but a Good Time (Poison song) All Artists: 13. Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

Bret Michaels Brings Celebratory Vibes To Indy With Parti-Gras Tour 2023

Photos and Review by John Geiger for Indy CD & Vinyl

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