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  • Andy Skinner

Flaming Lips Celebrate 'Yoshimi' With Fans In Indy

Review and Photos by Andy Skinner

Flaming Lips Live In Indy

On a beautiful early Summer night, Oklahoma City's Flaming Lips bounced into Indianapolis' downtown Everwise Amphitheater in White River State Park to celebrate the anniversary of their legendary record "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots," playing the album live beginning to end and then, after the sun dropped below the horizon, performing a blistering set of songs from throughout their career.

Flaming Lips live in Indy

The Flaming Lips, an iconic alternative rock band known for their experimental sound and eccentric performances, gave a spectacular show filled with psychedelic visuals, giant inflatable pink robots, and a musical journey through the "Yoshimi" album's tracks. The band's frontman, Wayne Coyne, engaged with the audience in his signature quirky style, creating an intimate and immersive experience for everyone in attendance - albeit one without their signature confetti, as that apparently is a no-no in Indiana state parks, the location of the gorgeous Everwise Amphitheater.

Flaming Lips live in Indy

You can purchase music by The Flaming Lips from Indy CD & Vinyl in the shop as well as on their website HERE.

Check out the photo gallery from the concert on Wednesday June 26th:

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