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POST. Fest returns to Indianapolis in July

POST. Fest returns to Indianapolis in July and Indy CD & Vinyl is a proud sponsor of the event, a two-day outdoor concert celebrating post-rock, post-hardcore, and post-alternative music from the stages at The Hi-Fi and The Hi-Fi Annex.

POST. Festival is back and will be hosted at The Hi-Fi and The Hi-Fi Annex on July 28th + 29th. This year's event will have two stages (indoor and outdoor) and all ages are invited to attend. With a grander scope than years previous, and set on establishing the finest assemblage of niche rock artists to take place on American soil, POST. Fest is attempting to establish itself as one of Indianapolis' annual festivals to hotly anticipate.

Following the examples set by like-minded European events, the POST. Festival is as much about community and respect and support as it is about music and culture. It is a celebration both for fans and artists, an opportunity to come together and revel in a scene that has built itself from within to the point of global presence, without the aid of commercial status. Some of the most exceptional and creative musicians work within the realms of “post”-adjacent genres, and it is this festival’s goal to bring as many of them as possible together for one weekend to give them the opportunity to show out and share their work with a wildly dedicated fan base. Indy CD & Vinyl is proud to support the Festival and help bring these artists to Indianapolis.

POST. Fest returns to Indianapolis in July and this year’s lineup includes the bands Covet, Tiny Moving Parts, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I'm No Longer Afraid To Die, The Appleseed Cast, Holy Fawn, Zao, Cloakroom, Rosetta, Astronoid, Kowloon Walled City, FACS, The American Dollar, Arms and Sleepers, hubris., SOM, Soft Blue Shimmer, still motions, Mother of Graves, The Mighty Missoula, Shipwreck Karpathos, Old Solar, Trenches, Lucida Dark, Sunlight Ascending, I Hear Sirens, Pray For Sound, Whale Fall, Lehnen, Minor Movements, Antlerhead, and BIG PIT.

Post. Festival Day 1 will begin at 3:30 pm on Friday, July 28th, and Day 2 will begin at 2:30 pm on Saturday, July 29th. Tickets are available online HERE.

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POST. Fest returns to Indianapolis in July but in the meantime you can purchase LPs and CDs of your favorite POST. Fest band or artist from Indy CD & Vinyl below:

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